May 2013

Phone Cases

Our brand new collection of phone cases includes these colorful pieces. They’re not just cutesy designs or flashy colors – each one is a quirky concept on its own. One looks like you’re holding an uber expensive solid gold bar in your hand. Another is a mini guitar complete with the strings look. Another is a mini telephone booth, vintage London style. This one may be the most ironic and likely to start conversations. Another is a little watercolor palette that looks amazingly real.

There’s no other place to get phone covers as vibrant and unique as these. Use these to covert your smartphone from a generic looking model to one that everyone is envious of because no one else has seen anything quite like it before.

Brit Preppy Satchel Cowhide Leather Orange
The Brit Preppy satchel is an example of a leather bag that stays true to its name. The pretty preppy bag doesn’t fall short of its upscale, reserved and elite preppy look. If you’re more into classic style and good taste more than extravagant and in-your-face bling, this is the bag for you.

Here’s a street style blogger wearing another variation of the Brit Preppy satchel:


Rihanna Sunglasses

Glamorous Swirl Arms Oversize Sunglasses Leopard
Rihanna’s recently been embroiled in a Twitter battle with Amanda Bynes, who threw some pretty nasty insults at the pop star. Instead of fighting back and getting just as dirty, Rihanna made shot back a quip directed at nobody in particular, “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?” Girl knows how to throw shade so it’s no surprise her literal shades are pretty smokin’.

She has the glam swirl oversize sunglasses in solid black and leopard. While black goes with everything, leopard looks really good when you’re lounging around on a yacht. The look is casual yet super chic if you want to try a new style that’s definitely unique.

The Route 66 Trendy Cowhide Leather Bag Grey
This street style blogger has put together a really cool way to carry the Route 66 satchel. If you thought gray is a dull color, think again. This is proof you can carry a gray bag and look manage to look anything but reminiscent of winter. Her look is very trendy and has a summer vibe.

Denim and navy are two colors that go really well with gray. The retro look of the bag and the fringe-like straps make the addition of cowgirl-style ankle boots a great fit. She tops it off with an embellished jacket and a turquoise necklace. Good job, girl!



For a while now, aviator and wayfarers have dominated sunglasses style. There was a time when you could tell right away that someone was wearing designer shades but now those two styles have become so commonly available that they just don’t stand out anymore. That’s when you know a trend is dead in the water.

Nowadays, we’re seeing several different new styles of shades. These oversized, round-lens sunglasses are one style that is incredibly popular, especially with celebs. They’re different from your average 60’s retro round shades because of the swirl pattern on the side. Judging from how many celebs have worn this look in different ways, it looks good on every face shape.




The Freida Leather Shoulder bag in tan is one of those types that last forever. Look at this thing. The tan color means it will literally go with anything, whether it’s casual, preppy, dark-hued or on the light side. When you’re shopping for a handbag that needs to be reliable and ready to go wherever you do, make sure it’s made of quality materials. The leather this bag is made of ensures it’ll last so long you’ll be giving it to your granddaughter as a vintage piece.

Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag Black
The Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather bag in black is one if, if not the highest-selling Baginc bag. There are just so many things that make this a bag that every woman wants. First of all, everyone needs a really stylish black bag. Everyone also wants that stylish bag to stand out in a sea of other black bags.

An army of studs on the bottom does just that. The studs not only give it a hard rock look, they also add a touch of gold. Black and gold is a classic fashion statement that livens up any look. Even if you dress head to toe in black, this bag will keep you from looking drab.

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