December 2012

Clara Bags

These super stylish Clara bags are the latest addition to the Baginc line. If you’re looking for something classic which will add to your elite, crisp image, check these out. They’re easily wearable on the arm or on the shoulder for added convenience. The minimalist style, luxe leather finish and gold hardware creates a truly chic look. These are the perfect combination of useful and beautiful.

Silver Gowns

Silver Bags

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, all anyone can think about is party outfit ideas and every one of those ideas has a dash of metallics or sequins thrown in. If you’re a millionaire headed to one of the world’s fanciest Watch The Ball Drop parties, be sure to walk in making a scene in a gown similar to the ones pictured above. If not, do the next best thing and grab a silver handbag.

Two of our most fave silver bags are the Caroline Double Flap Bag in Silver and the Adele Flap Bag in Silver, both pictured above. Click the links for more details and more pics!


studded bag

This Rock Stars Leather handbag by Baginc is a slightly subdued version of all those glamorous rocknroll type bags out there. If you love those bags that have spikes, studs and rhinestones, go for it. If you want something a little less edgy, try this one. The minimalist shape is chic and classy. The studs frame both sides of the bag and make it stand out from a crowd of plain jane handbags. It’s perfect for girls who like a little drama without going over the top.

Got hot New Year’s Eve Plans? Don’t have a bag that will go well with a dress like this?

Chiara Ferragni

Get one of these!

Alexa Duffel Bag

Our studded Alexa Duffel bag is the perfect color for a frosty December, January or cold February ball. The “party on the bottom” studs are hidden away when you want to carry it to work (not that there’s anything wrong with look a little extra glam at work.) This stylish bag is the must-have accessory for every sparkly, glittery winter look.


Winter is a blessed time. So many holidays that bring us and our families together. Snow and cold weather create a perfect environment to snuggle with your family, friends and pets around a hearty fire. It can’t get better than good food and good times.

With January approaching, the cold is going to get even more intense. Scarves are the a must-have. Warm blood pumps through some of your largest veins at the neck (this is why vampires go for this region), and this is why you can lose a lot of body heat by leaving it bare. Check out a couple of our favorite Baginc scarves below which will keep your warm and more stylish than ever. Our designer-inspired scarves start at just $10!


Did you know that Baginc has more to offer than just bags? Besides luxury handbags, we provide a wide range of fashion accessories at affordable prices. Phone cases, scarves, mufflers, necklaces, earrings and more!

If you like what you see in these images, click on them to go to our sale page. All items are $10 or less, even some purses and wallets. Some of the keychain charms can even be used to liven up a handbag. Enjoy!



You don’t have to be a fashion insider to know how expensive fabulous ostrich skin bags are. Starting at hundreds and easily climbing up thousands of dollars, ostrich leather is nearly as elite as crocodile leather.

If you want a piece of this look without breaking the bank, check out some of Baginc’s cute and inexpensive ostrich accessories. This is a far better way to indulge in the look without indulging in massive credit card bills. Fashion should be accessible at reasonable prices and that is what we are here for!

Liya Ostrich Leather Long Wallet Beige

Ostrich Phone Covers

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