October 2012

Guess who was recently spotted carrying Celine’s Nude Asymmetrical bag? It’s one of the reigning queens of pop, Fergie. The stateside Duchess is a long way from her Black Eyed Peas roots with this handbag. If you remember her earlier days, “back when she drove a mustang,” the girl didn’t care too much for style. As she grew to be more popular, she embraced the chic look over her edgy yet outdated hip hop style.

Celine is one of the most coveted handbag labels at the moment, so Fergie either has a solid grasp of the fashion world or a well-informed stylist showing her the ropes. The nude color can complement a wide range of fall colors and looks.

With this sleek black dress, stunning black pumps and beige bag, she looks like she’s matured. It’s only the snake print that’s a throwback to her wild side!

| October 1, 2012 at 11:51 PM

Scarf Season is Upon Us!

It’s that brisk time of the year when the season starts changing. It’s still a little warm for a full-on coat, so your sartorial needs hover between your summer and winter wardrobe. Think lots of layers and chic scarves until winter has truly descended. We have brand new scarves in stock right now for all of your autumn wardrobe needs. Take a cue from the ever-so-chic Alicia Keys and try a brightly colored scarf with a neutral ensemble.

Melrose Glam Malin Scarf

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