October 2012


Sophia Coppola is to beautiful films what Anna Wintour is to beautiful fashion. Coppola is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, legendary director of The Godfather. His daughter, however, dabbles in a different kind of film making. Anyone who’s seen The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette or Somewhere knows her films are far more emotional, feminine, beautiful and poignant. Many scenes seem like beautiful stills from Vogue photoshoots.

Dakota Fanning’s similarly pretty sister Elle Fanning was the latest beauty to star in one of her films (Somewhere), where Hollywood and the fashion world collide at the Chateau Marmont. It’s no wonder Dakota was seeing toting Sophia’s bag for Louis Vuitton around. Sophia not only helped design this bag, but LV’s entire 2012 resort collection, much of which was inspired by pieces in her own wardrobe. Her effortless, chic style is heralded as iconic by many in the fashion world.

This bag is loved by an endless list of celebs. Miranda Kerr and Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad are often spotted carrying one in red. The asymmetrical tote is instantly recognizable not only as a Louis Vuitton piece but as one that is set to become a valuable collector’s item. Invest in one now, before they disappear from the market and become even more expensive vintage pieces like some Birkins have become!


Sarah Jessica Parker played the iconic Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and The City many years ago. In 2000, she made the Fendi baguette the Must Have It Bag of the season. While It Bags have been around for decades since Gucci made one inspired by Grace Kelly and Hermes made one inspired by the muse Jane Birkin, the baguette was the first one which was on such a widely watched TV series. Gone were the days when only billionaire’s wives knew about the latest fashions from Paris and Milan. TV brought the It bag to women raking in their own cash with their own careers.

Sarah’s bag with a new Fendi It bag – the 2Jour Elite bag. This one’s quite interesting because quite a few celebs have been spotted with it and they’ve all got their own tags with their initials on the bag. Sarah’s are visible too – SJP.

The bag is easily recognizable by its shape. That sets it apart from square shaped Celine totes and sleek lined Berkins. That way, anyone who sees it on your arm will know exactly what a stunner you’re carrying. It looks mega expensive paired with a monochromatic black outfit and looks equally chic with a colorful casual outfit. Fendi sure does know how to make a status symbol of a bag!


After a series of unsuccessful movies and TV series, Hilary Duff disappeared for a while. When she showed up in the gossip rags again, it wasn’t because of a hit movie — it was because of her engagement to gajillionaire Mike Comry.

Now that the former actress is moneyed, she’s free to be a gorgeous mommy who loves her newborn son. In between hitting up the gym to lose the baby weight, Hilary also finds time to shop and dress head to toe in the trendiest clothes.

Here the former Disney star carries a studded Miu Miu bag which is glam enough for a Hollywood celeb but neutral enough to be worn multiple times with all kinds of outfits. We are in love with this simple yet stylish shoulder bag.


Vanessa Hudgens has so far been immune to the disease that has struck so many Hollywood starlets in the past. In spite of a few underage leaked racy photo scandals, the girl has grown up and is happy and healthy, seemingly drug free and doing well. In between films, this young actress loves to get down with friends at music festivals.

Now known for her carefree festival style, she likes to dress more like other concert goers than like a glammed up celeb. Even with ripped jeans and casual T’s, she still manages to stand out because of her accessory choices. Here her Michael Kors satchel lends her a little glamour and saves her from looking too grungy.

What do you guys think about the guy on her arm? Is he hot enough for the former Disney star? With a former flame as good looking as Zach Efron, any future boyfriend looking to date Vanessa has big shoes to fill!


Miley Cyrus was spotted with a neon yellow Celine bag in various different outfits in Hollywood land shortly before chopping off all her hair. We love the bag – it stands out without looking too gaudy or garish. However, we’re not too sure about the fact that her undergarments are always on show. Lace is always pretty, but can it ever look classy falling out of a lady’s top? What do you guys think?

Whatever Miley does is always attention grabbing. Lately her fiance Liam Hemsworth hasn’t been too happy about the young starlet taking to Twitter to air their relationship laundry. No man would be happy if his girl complained to millions of people about the lack of “passion” in their relationship. Lucky thing the girl has better taste in handbags than she does in how she deals with her private life. Ouch, Liam!

There are few celebrities that nail the “effortless chic” look quite like Rachel Bilson. The secret is her great personal taste, her refined eye for fashion, and the fact that she doesn’t use a stylist. She chooses her looks herself, which is incredibly refreshing. Bilson loves her classic Chanel bags and she pairs them with everything. Here she is posing with her favorite bag in one of her best looks of late:

If you’re inspired, check out our Iris Flap Bag below:

If we didn’t know it was an airport, we’d begin thinking LAX is just another Hollywood club where celebs go to see and be seen. Some shy away from cameras and wear grungy clothes to deflect attention away from themselves and others show up carrying the latest must-have designer pieces because they love to look good and they love to flaunt it.

Since the Kardashians have always been the type to flaunt it, Kourtney was recently seen making her way through customs with this behemoth of a bag on her arm. While her outfit is a dubious choice (tights under an oversized parka?), the bag is what saves the look and still lends her some chicness.

Khloe was also accompanying her on this day and also happened to have a¬†leopard print bag, which just looked sad and faded in comparison. When people shell out money for Celine, it’s because its worth it!

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