March 2011

| March 7, 2011 at 1:58 AM

Bag of the Week

At the end of a long week, that included another awesome Bag Inc contest, we took a relaxed wander through our inventory. Out of the new stock we have, many are favorites, but this week’s special Bag of the Week prize goes to the Rendez Vous Leather Handbag. We love the multi-pocketed exterior and the versatility of this bag. It makes for a great everyday bag, or even a functional travel bag. Pretty classy, huh?

| March 3, 2011 at 10:22 PM

Gossip Corner

Kim Kardashian’s new single “Turn It Up” has dropped, and we’re so not feeling it. This repetitive “dance” song is hammers at the skull. Not pleasant. If anything, please turn it down:

Next in celebrity news: Justin Bieber’s hair from his latest haircut was sold to a fan for over $40,000. Wow, that is insane! Fortunately, this was on behalf of an auction. Justin Bieber gave his hair to Ellen Degeneres for charity, and she sold it via Ebay with the entire sum being donated to animal rescue organization The Gentle Barn Foundation. It is a little nuts how obsessed this country is with a 16-year old’s haircut.

Clémence Poésy is on everyone’s list as a new It Girl and style icon. It’s easy to see why: her blond hair and blue eyes aren’t able to mask her exotic French looks and model beauty. Best known for her role as Fleur de la Couer in the Harry Potter series, Poesy has been winning fashionista fans around the globe with her modest, sensible attire and charming style.

We love her style. It’s so easy and youthful. There is nothing fussy or overdone about her. We were so inspired by her awesome fashion that we created a style set of our own to show you how to dress like her. We used a couple of our bags that we think she would like to use to complete the set:

Clemence Posey

Clemence Posey by I’m highfashiongirl on


* The Vintage Top Handle Bag

* NYC Large Flap Quilted Bag

* Jacqueline the Vintage Reissue Bag

| March 2, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Gossip Corner: The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Jennifer Hudson and her cute little baby boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr., have been spotted in public for the first time since she gave birth to him! Don’t they look so happy together?



The Bad:

Renowned fashion designer, John Galliano, got the boot from his job at Dior this week when he was caught making drunken racial slurs against Jewish people and praising Hitler. Man, what a way to go! Talk about burning bridges!


Christina Aguilera was arrested yesterday for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence. This singer has had her share of drama this year, and this is just the tipping point.

We are kind of bummed that award show season is officially over, but it ended with a bang at Sunday night’s Oscars. Besides the awards themselves, our favorite thing about award shows are the clothes. This is where the best designers, stylists and celebrities pool their resources to create the most memorable red carpet looks of the year. The motto for dress at the Oscars is “Go big or go home.” Here is our round-up of amazing celebrity style on the runway this year:

Anne Hathaway

Reese Witherspoon

Sandra Bullock

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

Halle Berry

Helen Mirren

Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz

Nicole Kidman

Hilary Swank

Helena Bonham Carter

Mandy Moore

Michelle Williams

Sharon Stone

Marisa Tomei

Scarlett Johansson

Gwyneth Paltrow

Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Hudson

Amy Adams

Mila Kunis

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