November 2011

| November 13, 2011 at 9:43 PM

Gossip Corner

Eddie Murphy, who was slated to host the next Academy Awards show, quit this week in a showing of solidarity. Brett Ratner, one of the producers of the Academy Awards, made a homophobic statement on the Howard Stern show. Ratner, who enraged the LGBT community with his slur, stepped down from his producing role on the Oscars. Ratner and Murphy are very close friends, and so Murphy quit the Oscar-hosting gig in support of his friend. This isn’t the brightest move, given that this hosting job would have reinvigorated Murphy’s flagging career.

Mariah Carey shows off her new post-baby body, and she’s looking gooooood. Carey gave birth to twins in April, Morroccan and Monroe, and has spent the ensuing months dieting and exercising, but she’s even smaller than her pre-baby weight. Using Jenny Craig and low impact exercising, Carey shed 70 pounds in the past six months. She’ll now go on to be the spokesperson for Jenny Craig. It’s refreshing to see a star look amazing, but not overly skinny, by use of normal methods of weight loss. You go girl!


This week in celebrity relationships: Pippa Middleton has split from her boyfriend of three years, cricket player Alex Loudon. Perhaps the media frenzy that has followed Pippa since her appearance at Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William is a root cause for the couple. Justin Timberlake recently spilled to the media that he has a crush on Pippa. Now’s his chance to swoop in!

| November 12, 2011 at 11:47 PM

Style Stealer: Whitney Port

Whitney Port’s adorable outfit sent us straight to the shops to copy her look. Here’s our replication of her outfit, on a budget, featuring a BAGINC bag!


Whitney Port Look


Whitney Port Look by bagincbags featuring vintage jewelry


Try the new menswear trend for fall for an empowered, sophisticated look. This confidence bolstering look is achieved by mixing and matching suit separates and streamlined accessories. These are our favorite menswear looks by stylish celebrities, and a few masculine satchel from Baginc to help you complete the trend:

Ashley Olsen


| November 9, 2011 at 7:24 PM

Trending Now: Mustard Yellow

On these grey fall days, a spot of sunshine will piece the gloom. Take inspiration from these celebrities who are opting for the mustard yellow trend, and add a little cheer to your fall/winter wardrobe. Need help accessorizing? We have a few bags below that will do the trick!

Chloe Sevigny


| November 6, 2011 at 10:10 PM

Bag of the Week

Leopard is ALL the rage right now, which is why we just had to pick our newly stocked Grand City Medium Leopard Print Leather Bag for Bag of the Week! Stylish celebrities like Hillary Duff, Christina Ricci, Katy Perry, and more have been spotted in this trend.

Snag some hot fall celebrity style for only $90 when you indulge in our latest Bag of the Week.

| November 5, 2011 at 10:55 PM

Best Dressed Celebs vs. Worst Dressed Celebs

These stylish celebs put some of their peers to shame. We rounded up the best and worst outfits from the past week in order to compare and contrast. With a level playing field when it comes to money, stylists, etc., there’s no reason anyone should ever be on the worst dressed list, and yet, week after week there are plenty of terrible outfits to choose from.


Amanda Seyfried


The preppy trend instantly cleans up your image, and gives you crisp no-nonsense attire that works for a casual look as well as for the office. But, there’s no need to get stuffy just because you go the preppy route! Instead, try to infuse this look with a bit of whimsy by experimenting with peter pan collars, tennis dresses, cardigans with interesting details and oxford heels. We put together a preppy set to show you how to capture this look with style.

Preppy Style from Baginc


Preppy Style from Baginc by bagincbags featuring ball watches

Lacoste fitted dress
$95 –

Empire waist evening dress
$100 –

TopShop long sleeve sweater
$76 –

Oasis yellow blouse
$50 –

Dorothy Perkins double breasted trench coat
45 –

Wrap skirt
$76 –

Pencil skirt
$60 –

Urban Outfitters white over the knee socks
$34 –

Black thigh high socks
$13 –

Report high heel shoes
$90 –

Topshop shoes
$80 –

ASOS leather shoes
$63 –

Keds flat sneaker
$50 –

Lacoste ball watch
$95 –

Lipsy hoop earrings
$18 –

Pearl crystal jewelry
11 –

Mango leather glove
35 –

L Erickson black hair accessory
$28 –

ASOS retro cat eye sunglasses
$22 –

Morjana Leather Bag Pink
$109 –

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