October 2011

| October 30, 2011 at 9:45 PM

Bag of the Week

While we often focus on versatile or trendy bags in this weekly segment, we decided today to turn the spotlight on our best workwear bag. Our Franchesca Top Handle Cowhide Leather Bag is an oversized top handle tote as a serious and sophisticated element to any ensemble and is perfect for carrying to and from the office. It is roomy enough to hold all of your work essentials, and classic enough that you can carry it all year ’round.

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Gossip Corner

She may look like a good girl, but Taylor Swift is often surrounded by scandal and romantic mishaps. She has recently been dealing with a nude photo scandal. A leaked photo was put on the internet by a website called Celebrity Jihad. Swift is suing the website, claiming that the photo is not of her. Swift’s lawyers issued the website a cease and desist, demanding for the photo to be taken down. While she has not come forward and made any comment about the photos, her lawyers seem to be handling it. However, the website has not made any decision yet whether or not they will comply with Swift’s demands.

Justin Timberlake is a long way from his N*Sync days. Now a legitimate actor and musician in his own right, Timberlake has earned the accolades of Hollywood peers and press alike. However, Timberlake recently announced decisions to take a Hollywood hiatus in order to explore the world and relax. He told Esquire Magazine:

I think you can work and work and work and never really live. The plan is to have no plan. I’ll probably travel, but I’d rather be spontaneous. I feel like I’ve earned at least a little bit of time to do that…

There were times I was motivated by the fact I wanted to be the biggest music star in the world. Maybe it wasn’t a conscious thought, but it was an underlying theme. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling like I needed to validate so much of who I was by what I did.

After I turned 30 I started asking myself questions why… The only validation I crave now is to be inspired in the same way I’ve always been. That’s all I really owe myself at this point. If I stopped now, I could look at everything I’ve done and be so proud.

Last week, Usher was attending a Halloween Parade, and apparently his celebrity ego prompted him to take up a handicap parking space. Parade attendees were not very pleased by his selfishness. One woman asked Usher to move his car, but when he refused, the confrontation turned into a shouting match. She then physically attacked Usher before being removed by security guards. You can see the video of the event here:

| October 26, 2011 at 9:13 PM

Red Carpet Razzle Dazzle

With so many red carpet events this week, we’ve had our pick of looks to choose from. Here are some of our favorites from the BFI London Film Festival and the Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Presented By Starz.

Carey Mulligan

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Minnie Driver

Michelle Williams

Elle Fanning

Emma Stone

Freida Pinto

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Maria Lucia Hohan & George Clooney

Michael Fassbinder

| October 25, 2011 at 7:21 PM

After Party Style

Friday night was wicked amazing. You and your girls went out on the town and danced the night away. Maybe there were a few alcoholic beverages involved, and maybe you danced with some cute guys. Unfortunately, it’s now Saturday morning and you’re feeling a bit under the weather. You forgot all about that brunch date you made with your mom! What do you wear when you’re dashing out the door? How about this stylish but UBER-comfortable ensemble? Skip the shower, grab a chic fedora and throw on a comfy for a sweater. Your mom won’t be any the wiser.



After Party Style


After Party Style by bagincbags featuring a leather cuff bracelet



| October 24, 2011 at 11:08 PM

Day to Night Dressing

You’ve put in a long day at work, and you’re ready to go home and veg out on the couch in front of a new episode of True Blood. Suddenly, a very cute coworker swings by your cubicle and asks if you’d care to join the rest of the team for an after-work drink. You’re wearing your work clothes, but luckily you brought back-ups for just such a social emergency.

Stash these five items in your cubicle (or locker, or desk, etc.), for a quick-change that will have everyone wondering how you always manage to look so good:

day to night


day to night by bagincbags featuring hair bow accessories




Versatility in your wardrobe is essential. Getting the maximum uses out of any item makes it more valuable and more beneficial (to your closet AND your wallet) in the long run. Baginc has an enormous stock of versatile, high-quality bags that are perfect for fall. We picked one of our favorites (the Eleonora Leather Keepall Bag in order to show you how to style it three different ways (work, play, date):


Eleonora Work
Eleonora Work by bagincbags featuring black pants


Eleonora Play
Eleonora Play by bagincbags featuring topshop shoes


Eleonora Date
Eleonora Date by bagincbags featuring a shrug jacket

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Gossip Corner

Though it may sound like the plot to a film, Kate Winslet’s recent rescue of an elderly woman was the real thing. While staying at Richard Branson’s Carribean home, Winslet was awoken at 4:30am to screams of “Fire! Fire!” She reacted quickly by getting dressed and carrying out Eve Branson, Richard Branson’s mother. She told Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show:

I ran into the bedroom and put on a bra. In disastrous moments like that, you do the strangest things. I started to put on a bra and thought ‘No, that’s going to take me too long,’ so off came the bra, on came the t-shirt, I grabbed the children and I picked up Granny. We were all at the top of some very slippery stone steps and in the middle of a hurricane – it was so dramatic, there was lashing rain and it really did feel like being in a movie. In truth, I carried Eve Branson down the stairs.

Everyone emerged from the fire unscathed, and Winslet is now being heralded as a heroine.

A bruised and sallow cheeked Lindsay Lohan showed up for her court hearing this week, and was sentenced, handcuffed and then released on bail. Her sentence includes a stint doing community service at a morgue. She was required to start community service this week. Instead of following rules, Lohan prolonged her “poster child for bad behavior” image by showing up the morgue late. It’s time for the media to officially resign any interest in Lohan. She’s obviously resigned any interest in saving herself.

Jessica Simpson is pregnant, and it’s obvious. However, Simpson has refused to make an official pregnancy announcement until she can land a $500,000 magazine deal. Her baby isn’t even born yet and she’s already looking for exploitation angles.

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