December 2010

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Bag of the Week

The Bag of the Week pick this week goes to Le Jamais Plein Sac. With its classic shape, rich black quilted faux leather, and pitch-perfect snakeskin trim, this bag exudes quite confidence and immense luxury.


This is the perfect every day bag. It's glamorous enough for the trendiest lifestyle, but classic enough to wear with work clothes. You really cannot go wrong with a bag that is both fashion forward and timeless – a true rarity among modern bags today.


Rachel Zoe shares the category of "Annoying Women on Reality TV shows" with the casts of Jersey Shore and Real Housewives. Her nasal whine, constant misuse of the word "literally" and her vain nagging makes her the kind of specimen that people all over the world love to hate. In our mutual annoyance, what is lost is the fact that Rachel Zoe really is a renowned stylist. She has styled some of the biggest celebrities in the world and does lots of style work for magazines, design houses, and advertising agencies. Remember when we discussed what makes a bag an It Bag, and the concept of "seeding"? She's the kind of person that is seeding bags into the hands of her clients. That's why we see celebrities with the latest Mulberry, Chloe, Hermes, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton bags. She makes sure that these bags get into the hands of the world's most stylish women, and we, in turn, buy these bags because of their prestigious associations.



This brings us to the question: what kind of bags does Rachel Zoe carry? We did some research and chronicled pictures of her with her personal handbag choices. What is revealed is that Rachel Zoe opts constantly for luxury, simplistic designs, and sophisticated It bags. She enjoys oversized, crossbody bags in neutral colors, and is not one to be seen with anything covered in lots of intricate details or bright colors. Here are some of the best depictions of Rachel Zoe's handbag style:



We had an idea for a fun interactive game for our blog readers: the matching game. So many celebrities have unique signature style. The bags they carry make sense for them. Like elementary school quizzes, we are going to create a matching game for our readers. There are no “right” answers. Just tell us the celebrity you think most matches the Bag Inc bag!


After we compile the results, we will let you know what choices our readers made!


***(Bag A will be on the Left, Bag B will be on the Right)***


Jada Pinkett Smith





A) The IT Vintage Leather Bag or B) Shopaholic Dreamed Leather Bag





Lindsay Lohan

A) Fashionista Frugal Studded Bag or B) Alexy Crossbody Bag




Jennifer Lopez

A) Jacqueline Vintage Bag or B) Runway Show Leopard Print Tote





Katy Perry

A)The Next IT Bag or B) The Melrose Glam Anarchy Bag




Kim Kardashian

A) Marceau Luxurious Leather Bag or B)The Inescapable It Bag of the Decade






A) The Must Have Bag of the Year or B) Desperate Housewives Snakeskin Tote




Cate Blanchett

A) Tyra B Stunning Leather Shoulder Bag or B) Kellia Calfskin Tote

| December 29, 2010 at 7:59 PM

5 Bags, 5 Ways

At Bag Inc, we know that bags are not the only option for accessorizing. There are hundreds of other inexpensive ways to improve your wardrobe with well-placed accessories like earrings, necklaces, tights, leggings, scarves, hats and more. So, it was our thinking that if you wanted to see how a bag would work with your wardrobe that we’d show you how we’d accessorize with our bags.


We created a few style sets with out most popular bags and paired them with accompanying accessories for inspiration.


Kellia Accessories



Featuring our Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Bag.

This bag is enough of a statement piece that you’ll want to keep the rest of your accessories minimal. A spiky cuff, glittery shoes, fur vest and bright red sunglasses would compliment this bag perfectly. Try a combo of these accessories, or all of them together.

Rosette Accessories



Featuring our The Flower Blossom Bag.

You don’t want to overdo it with the flowers, because this bag has it covered. A simple pair of rosette stud earrings, lace gloves, some fun polka dot tights, and ladylike pumps help create a soft, feminine look to accompany this bag. Think grown-up tea time.

Rue Saint Honore Accessories




Featuring our Rue Saint Honore Bag.

We took cues from the hardware on the Rue Saint Honore bag and accessorized from there. We used a black hat and shoes and gold earrings to compliment the black and gold details of this bag. The elbow-length leopard gloves were added to spice up the look.

We paired this modern, vibrant bag with a classic Marilyn Monroe vintage look. Leopard booties, siren red lipstick, oversized glasses and a simple gold cuff will elevate your style to Mad Men status.

Abbey Road Bag Accessories



Featuring our Abbey Road City Bag.

We took this gorgeous neutral bag and paired it with bright accessories for a fun, casual look.


If we had to summarize Halle Berry’s style in two words it would be “chic” and “minimalist.” Whether she’s wearing a body conscious bandage dress, or jeans and a tank top, Halle Berry’s look is soft, simple, feminine, and classic. Not only is she renown for being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, she’s also known for her laid back approach to style.


In casual dress, Berry tends to embrace neutral and earth tone colors, and she shows a lot of favoritism towards maxi dresses (goddess dresses) and layered jewelry.


In formal dress, she is not afraid of embracing an aggressively sexual look, but she definitely falls under the “less is more” style category than some of her counterparts. She’s not one to let everything show, but her silhouette embracing dresses and her willingness to show off her enviable decolletage is what keeps her look classy instead of trashy.

Here are some examples of her low-maintenance style that we love:





We like her look so much we created two bags inspired by Halle Berry’s look. We put them in this style set with some Halle B. inspired ensembles that we put together:

Halle B Style


Bag Inc Bags can be found at these links:

Halle B Shoulder Bag

Halle B Top Handle Bag

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Three Looks to Try this Winter

The Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Season has produced some really beautiful trends. Velvet, menswear blazers, fur, animal prints, shades of red, jewel tones paired with neutrals, military inspired clothing, ponchos, thigh-high boots, patchwork designs, and fringe have all been big hits this year. If you are dying to spice up your wardrobe by incorporating some of winter’s best trends, try these three looks on for size:

Look #1:

Pair a big fur coat (use faux fur as an alternative to real fur), skinny jeans, booties, a slouchy hat, and a crossbody bag, like Emma Roberts:

Pair with a vintage-inspired crossbody bag like our Gisele Turnlock Flap Bag:



Emma Roberts Look




Look #2:

Pair something soft and feminine like velvet leggings, with a bit of menswear like a tuxedo jacket, like Kim Kardashian:

Accessorize with a pretty animal print bag to bring some flare to the neutrals in this look, like our Laeticia C Mini Pop Faux Leopard Purse.



Kim Kardashian Look



Look #3:

Let a bright red coat take center stage in your outfit, like Kristin Cavallari demonstrates here:

Accessorize with a small, chic crossbody bag like our Taylor S Studded Crossbody Bag:



Kristin Cavallari Look


| December 22, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Kim Kardashian’s Style on a Budget

We were smitten with Kim Kardashian's glamorous, sex-kitten look on recent outting she made in New York City. She was strapped into a form fitting silver bandage skirt which she paired with a see-through lace top, a leopard clutch, and black pumps. Was she channeling a hint of Marilyn and a little bit of young Sophia Loren? We think so.

We liked her look so much we decided to show you how to snag it on a budget, because we are all about bringing you gorgeous designer and celebrity looks at a reduced price.

Top – $12 at Victoria's Secret Skirt – $33 at MetroParkUsa Pumps – $25 at Forever21 Bag – $39 at BagInc Total Cost of Her Look: $109!!

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