November 2010

You may have noticed an unusual accessory cropping up in fashion pictures across the land: the fox tail keychain. We love foxes, but are sad to think of their tails being lopped off for a fashion trend. That’s why our new Designer Inspired Tote has a faux fox fur keychain.

We’ll keep you trendy, and your ethics can remain intact. As such, this gorgeous designer inspired bag accessorized with the season’s hottest trend is our pick for Bag of the Week.

In the world of easy, expendable fashion, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in the same room as someone who is wearing the same top, or pair of jeans, or carrying the same handbag. Your friend might show up in her new cardigan, only to have you exclaim, “I just ordered that same cardigan from Urban Outfitters.” Unless you wear head-to-toe vintage clothes, it’s hard to be entirely unique anymore. Celebrities run into this problem often, and since what they wear is SO public, they often get placed on “Who Wore it Best” lists. Pitting one celebrity’s style against another’s is often entertaining. Where most of them go wrong is wearing the same thing, down to the accessories and hair.


Kelly Osbourne vs. Georgina Chapman
Identical makeup, hairstyles, and belts make this look way too matchy-matchy.

Kim Kardashian vs. Ciara
They accessorized the same down to the leopard print booties.

It is impossible for celebrities to be prescient enough to know who will wear the same outfit as them at a premiere, or at another even across the globe. So, it’s understandable that not only do they find themselves in matching gowns, but in similar shoes, jewelry and hairstyles as well. We’re not suggesting they fire their homogenizing stylist, but what could help them here is to make the style more their own. Celebrities who end up wearing the same things, but adding their own flair to it, don’t fall prey to the “Who Wore It Better” dissect-a-thon.

Here are three examples of when celebrities wore the same thing, but made it their own by accessorizing differently:

Kim Kardashian vs. Whitney Port
Same jacket, worn two completely different ways.

Kate Bosworth vs. Rihanna
Same slouchy cardigan that fits two different casual aesthetics.

Thandie Newton vs. Jennifer Garner
Both dressy looks wearing the same top, but their individual style shines through.

While we love copying celeb looks, we don’t copy them exactly. We get the feel for their style and try to incorporate similar pieces. However, we always keep in mind that individual style trumps celebrity style. Learn to make your look your own with fabulous, curious, unique accessories.

In just two years, Taylor Momsen has gone from squeaky clean teen to full on modern goth.

(Left to Right) Taylor Momsen in 2008, Taylor Momsen in 2010

Since her onscreen debut as Jenny Humphreys in the popular show, Gossip Girl, she has slowly transformed her personal appearance to one of angsty black eyeliner, blood red lips and slashed up tanks. Her perky blonde haircut is now lank and long. Even though her appearance is dramatic and showy, we love her pouty, “stop looking at me” attitude. It’s so….1990. If you want to get “retro” like Taylor, we put together two looks to help you cop her style. Bags pictured provided by Bag Inc (of course!).

Taylor Momsen1

Featuring our Esme Skulls Shopper.

Taylor Momsen2

Featuring our Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag

No matter what kind of controversy Kate Moss finds herself embroiled in, she’s always bouncing back with a one fabulous ad campaign or another. This time, she’s starring in Longchamps new handbag campaign for fall. We took this news with a grain of salt, only because the two ideas (Kate Moss + Longchamps) seemed unsual. There was certainly a lot of gossip in the fashion industry about this particular ad campaign, as major design houses tend to want to distance themselves from controversial models.

Since 1948, Longchamps has been making posh bags for posh women. Longchamps bags favor solid structure, rich leather materials, and bold hardware. Some may find it unusual to pair the bohemian, free-spirited Moss with a traditionally stuffy line of handbags, but Kate Moss’s new fall 2010 ad campaign for Longchamps hits all the right notes. Moss can really glam it up when she wants to. In the Longchamps ads, she looks soft, feminine and sophisticated. With just the right amount of polish and approachability, Moss is able to transform these bags into something every girl wants.

What do you think of this ad campaign?

There is not one single bag more easily recognized than the Hermès Birkin bag. Since its creation in 1984, this ubiquitous bag has been seen dangling from the arm of every celebrity, socialite, singer, and trophy wife. Where did this bag come from and why has it remained so popular for over 25 years? According to fashion legend, the designer for Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to one of the century’s most stylish women, Jane Birkin, on a flight from Paris to London. The contents of Birkin’s bag kept spilling out and she confessed to Dumas that it was impossible to find a proper leather weekender. With that comment as inspiration, Dumas created the Hermès Birkin bag. Jane Birkin hobnobbed in the best social circles in Paris and London, played muse to countless designers, directors and musicians, and mothered two of the most recognized present-day style muses in the world: Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her influence reached far and wide. It comes as no surprise that the inspiration from the most recognizable and covetable bags in the world originated from Jane Birkin.

(Left to Right) Lou Doillon, Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Maybe it’s the indelible impression left on us that the wearer of this handsome bag is wealthy, or famous, or somehow more worthy, that makes this bag so desirable. It transmits a message of sleek privilege and haughty social status. Just check out the brief celeb roster of Birkin fans (but there are literally hundreds more).

Rachel Zoe

Nicole Richie

Lady Gaga

Kim Kardashian

Victoria Beckham

Lindsay Lohan

The Birkin bag used to have a 6-year wait list – the longest wait list of any item in history. In April of this year, Hermes did away with the wait-list. Even though the bag is more accessible, it’s still cost prohibitively expensive. The bags range from $9,000-$15,000 and come in calf leather, ostrich, crocodile and lizard hides. The rarer the hide, the more expensive the bag. For the prices of a Hermes Birkin you could buy a brand new mid-size sedan, a semester at Harvard, or 100 pairs of Ugg boots.

This attractive bag with its magnetic personality has inspired other bag designers. Many versions of the Birkin bag have been created and at a fraction of the cost. We have several bags that look and feel like the Birkin you’ve been searching for:

The Jane Luxurious Croc Leather Bag

The International Top Handle Bag

The International Top Handle Bag

Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag

Monaco Top Handle Tote

Monaco Top Handle Tote

In our second Friday installment of “Bag of the Week” there seems to be one clear contender. This bag is a new arrival, and it’s probably going to sell out quickly. We’re speaking, of course, of the The Vintage. Even though we already mentioned it as one of the many perfect accessories to use to capture the Schoolgirl Chic Look, it should be noted that this bag is more than just a flash-in-the-pan trend.

Its graceful structure and supple leather qualify it for the category of “Timeless Classic.” Indeed, this bag is reminiscent of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo and leather Lanvin bags from the 60’s. Since the recent vintage revival in the fashion industry, there have been many vintage-inspired bags from top designers, but none beat the simple, gorgeous look of our bag. Coming in two shades, rich oxblood and matte black, this casual handbag looks best with business, casual, and vintage-themed outfits. It’s all too easy to picture this vintage classic shape on the arm of Peggy Olsen in Mad Men, or in the hands of Marianne Faithfull back in her hey-day.

It’s hard not to covet a bag where every detail (luxurious leather, subtle silver hardware, vintage-inspired flap closure, etc.) is so perfect – which is why this is our pick for Bag of the Week!

After perusing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show After-Party pics online, we came to one stunning conclusion: Paris Hilton looks FABULOUS. We actually had to do a double-take when we saw the party picture. Was that really Paris Hilton?!

Not to get all snarky on the heiress, but she hasn’t exactly been known for putting together the most tasteful outfits. In fact, she’s a regular offender on Go Fug Yourself, with a signature style (favoring sequins, feathers, transparent fabric, and hot pink shades) that screams “trashy princess.”

Check her out at the After-Party:

Demure, classy, and, dare we say it, gorgeous.

What’s happened to America’s favorite party gal? According to Radar Online Hilton has stopped her wild ways. She’s in a stable relationship, and she’s working on “giving back” through charitable organizations. She’s stable and happy, and she looks fantastic.

If this is the path that Paris Hilton has chosen to take, maybe there’s hope for Lindsay Lohan after all?

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