November 2010

In the spirit of holiday gift-giving, we are giving away one of our hottest bags: the Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag (Worth $169.50)! This bag is modeled after a Hermès Birkin bag that Lady Gaga customized herself with studs and spikes. We loved the idea so much that we reproduced this look for our customers.

Here’s how you participate in the contest (each thing you do is worth one entry):

1) You can leave a comment on this blog entry!

2) After leaving an initial comment here, read through our blog and leave additional comments (each additional comment worth 1 entry each).

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Wow! There are NINE possible ways to enter this contest, or gain additional entries. For example, if you did all eight things and then left 10 additional comments on different posts on this blog, you would have a total of 18 entries! This significantly increases your chance of winning.

We want to get the word out about Bag Inc because we believe that we have the highest quality designer-inspired handbags at the lowest prices anywhere on the internet! We also pride ourselves on customer service, and we want to see you walk away with your dream bag. We also want to have a relationship with our customers and hope to interact with them via Facebook, Twitter and this blog. Most of all, we want to give one of our loyal customers and deserving fans a fabulous Christmas present.

***Winner will be selected at random on December 12th, 2010. Winner’s personal information will not be stored, distributed, or used for anything other than sending out the contest prize. Winner will not pay shipping and handling.

| November 29, 2010 at 6:22 PM

Holiday Bags

With the holiday season now in full swing, everyone’s calendars are filling up with parties: office parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, etc. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect bag for you. Purchasing perfect party bags requires some forethought. The bag needs to be big enough to carry the essentials, but small enough as to remain unobtrusive so you can be free to dance, drink, and chat without restriction. It needs to be festive without being gaudy, and it has to go with your party clothes. Our selection of clutches, evening bags and baguettes are perfect for filling this need. Check out a few of our top picks for this holiday season’s best party purses:

Milla Baguette Clutch

Salma H Secret Clutch

Falbala Leather Drawstring Bag

Red Square Quilted Shoulder Bag

H World Leather Wristlet

Kate M Classic Quilted Flap Bag

Gisele Flap Bag

Laeticia C Mini Pop Bag

Vendome Suede Leather Shoulder Bag

Sublime Studded Clutch

Our pick for Bag of the Week this week is the IT Vintage Leather bag It is made of a buttery soft, high quality leather, and comes equipped with soft burnished gold hardware. Little zips, a faux flap closure, and the ability to carry this as either a shoulder bag or handbag give this purse a little something extra. This is a sexy, yet functional bag, than can be worn a variety of ways.

Here are three ways to wear this versatile bag:

Did you know that Baginc has a great selection of accessories for men? We thought it best to bring up because Christmas shopping time is upon us, and it’s time to start ticking things off the list. So, if you’re shopping for yourself this Christmas at Baginc, be sure to browse our men’s selection. Who knows, you might be able to cross your significant other off the list.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts that may be just what you’re looking for:

The Brit Satchel

Help! I’m Addicted To My Ipad Flip Book Jacket

International Intreciatto Wallet

Keepall Intrecciato Duffle Bag

Happy Thanksgiving!

| November 24, 2010 at 4:23 PM

You’re Fired!

There’s been a recent spate of firings in Hollywood. According to water cooler gossip, Lindsay Lohan was fired from her role as Linda Lovelace on Inferno. Taylor Momsen was let go from Gossip Girl. Jessica Alba has considered quitting the acting business altogether.

What’s caused this undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the Hollywood elite? With a combination of unavailability of good roles for women, the paparazzi pressure, the ever-increasing public attention paid to their personal lives, and ridiculous tactics they must use to stay relevant, it’s no wonder that young women in Hollywood are struggling right now. Negative press, while still press, is damaging reputations to the point where actors like Lohan and Momsen can’t hold down their paying jobs. Bad directing and scripts that aim to gloss up and CGI the actors to death have people like Alba just plain fed up.

Celebrities live their lives like zoo animals, or goldfish in a small glass bowl. Their every move is watched, recorded, compared, and broadcast. This trend of firing and quitting may continue, as actors who can’t hack it are replaced with those who can. Since we admire the style of three aforementioned celebrities, we hope they stick around for us to draw inspiration from.

Rihanna has been on the public’s radar since 2005, when she released her debut album, Music of the Sun. Since that time, she has risen in popularity and fame, but nowhere is she more appreciated than by the community of fashionistas across the world who worship her awesome style. Rihanna is a unique artist: she mostly dresses herself. While she relies on a cadre of stylists and aestheticians for awards shows, she prefers to do her own thing the rest of the time.

We love her unique style that is one part hipster, one part sexy siren, and one part radiant individual. It’s hard to pinpoint her taste exactly. Her look changes as often as her haircut. She tends to favor tightly tailored trousers, menswear jackets, slouchy sweaters, dangerous looking jewelry, body conscious dresses, layers, a mix of bright colors and neutrals, and wrap dresses. She is a daring dresser and is always in the latest trends and styles from the runway. This girl knows how to dress.

We put together a style set to give you inspiration for how to dress like Rihanna. We accessorized the set with Baginc bags that are similar to her tastes.

Our Bags:
* Jungle Flower Tote
* After Hours Shoulder Bag
* Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag

We don’t know what to think about Ke$ha. Her look is altogether unpleasant, but her music is unfortunately catchy. But what is the reason for her popularity? Even her fans agree that she looks dirty and unbathed, but that’s the look she’s going for!

To remain relevant on the pop music scene nowadays, you will always find yourself in competition with Lady Gaga. Gaga is the indisputable reigning Queen of Pop. Her music, her politics, her style, and her performances are in a leage of their own. Anyone who tries to outdress Gaga will find themselves outdone at every turn. Is Ke$ha trying to dethrone Gaga? If so, she’s already failing to do so. Ke$ha, who prides herself on her “garbage chic” appearance, is hardly unique. She’s a throwback to Coutney Love’s grungier days, but her looks comes off as desperate theatrics in the wake of Gaga’s artistically inspired ensembles.

So, what do you think? Is Ke$ha unique? Is she garbage chic or just plain trashy? You decide! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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